Welcome to my home on the web. I’m a Swedish writer, writing mainly for kids age 6 – 12.

I also do a lot of writing workshops in schools and creative writing courses for adults.

I love my job! The writing part of it is fascinating because being a writer means continuously discovering new adventures while exploring the writing process. I hope to bring to my readers a combination of page-turning suspense and moments of reflection. To me that is the very magic of a book – to be involved in another world for a while, and sometimes to bring with you out into the ordinary world a new thought.

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A gripping ghost story for ages 9 and up
skuggan_i_vaggen_224.jpg ”You don’t believe in ghosts, do you?” ”Of course not” Michaela, who’s called Mikey, and her mum have just moved into an old house in a village in the north of Sweden. Their new life in the serene village is meant to become wonderful. On the very first day Mikey notices a strange shadow on […]

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A read-aloud adventure for kids age 6-9 and their adults.

Vitas_hemlighet_224.jpg Vita Olsson lives with her mom in a flat in an old two-storey house. The Pizzeria Amore is on the ground floor and the smell of pizza makes Vita long for Italy where her dad lives. Dad is remarried to Angelina now, and they’re expecting Vita’s little brother. Oh, how Vita wants her brother! But […]

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The books about Freddie, Zac and Mimmi – crime novels for young readers with big hearts
bakom-masken-w240px.jpg ”What Zac sees through the window makes him turn cold. Mimmi’s stolen bike is there. That stupid guy is bending over it with a wrench in his hand. But that’s not all … Zac suddenly feels sick, all the muscles in his body tense. He’s got to hurry home, he’s got to tell someone. But […]

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svart-balte-w224.jpg ”The sound of footsteps from upstairs makes Freddie freeze. The ice cold feeling spreads from his head and his neck to his whole body, paralysing him. – Freddie Hansson, he says to himself. It’s the middle of the night and you’re inside the house of a thief who’s twice your size and carries a black […]

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stormens-ogon-w224.jpg ”Freddie is tied to a chair a few steps inside the room. Mimmi is groping her way through the dark. Suddenly she has a goal and it’s as if the worst fear is washed away by the rain, hammering on the roof. The robbers in there are stumbling around, unable to find the flash light. […]

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The books about Kajsa and Johan – classic detective stories in typical Swedish settings
ft-w240px.jpg There’s a tiny island off the coast, not far from Kajsa’s granny’s house. On the island there’s a tree with an old abandoned eagle’s nest. Abandoned? No, not anymore. When Kajsa tries out her new pair of binoculars she discovers the new inhabitants – two eagles with a chick that’s just been hatched. But what’s that […]

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kd-w240px.jpg ”The vaccuum Gang strikes again. Police still without clues”. This is what the newspapers say on the day that Johan comes to visit Kajsa in town. That same night sirens and blinking blue lights in the city street outside Kajsa’s house wake them up. Someone has broken into Mr Sandstrom’s Jewel Shop opposite. Kajsa and […]

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ml-w240px1.jpg When Kajsa and Johan spend a night in a tent in the woods near granny’s house they suddenly see a mysterious light jumping and moving between the trees. Is is a U.F.O? Shortly afterwards there’s an inexplicable fire in granny’s garden, and then certain people in the village start receiving anonymous letters. Kajsa and Johan […]

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dgg-w240px.jpg The old abandoned mine is being rebuilt for tourists. No trespassing! But Kajsa and her friends Anton and Linn find a way to get in. They want to know if there’s any truth to the old tale about the forgotten gold. While searching for the answer to that question mysterious things start to happen. One […]

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fa-w240px.jpg Another adventure in a typical Swedish setting – Spain! Like many thousands of tourists every year, Kajsa and Johan travel to Spain in this book. Just as they visit the famous art museum a bold theft is committed. A painting by Pablo Picasso is gone without a trace, and no-one understands how it was done. […]

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