The books about Kajsa and Johan

The books about Kajsa and Johan – classic detective stories in typical Swedish settings

ft-w240px.jpg There’s a tiny island off the coast, not far from Kajsa’s granny’s house. On the island there’s a tree with an old abandoned eagle’s nest. Abandoned? No, not anymore. When Kajsa tries out her new pair of binoculars she discovers the new inhabitants – two eagles with a chick that’s just been hatched. But what’s that […]

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kd-w240px.jpg ”The vaccuum Gang strikes again. Police still without clues”. This is what the newspapers say on the day that Johan comes to visit Kajsa in town. That same night sirens and blinking blue lights in the city street outside Kajsa’s house wake them up. Someone has broken into Mr Sandstrom’s Jewel Shop opposite. Kajsa and […]

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ml-w240px1.jpg When Kajsa and Johan spend a night in a tent in the woods near granny’s house they suddenly see a mysterious light jumping and moving between the trees. Is is a U.F.O? Shortly afterwards there’s an inexplicable fire in granny’s garden, and then certain people in the village start receiving anonymous letters. Kajsa and Johan […]

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dgg-w240px.jpg The old abandoned mine is being rebuilt for tourists. No trespassing! But Kajsa and her friends Anton and Linn find a way to get in. They want to know if there’s any truth to the old tale about the forgotten gold. While searching for the answer to that question mysterious things start to happen. One […]

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fa-w240px.jpg Another adventure in a typical Swedish setting – Spain! Like many thousands of tourists every year, Kajsa and Johan travel to Spain in this book. Just as they visit the famous art museum a bold theft is committed. A painting by Pablo Picasso is gone without a trace, and no-one understands how it was done. […]

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