The books about Freddie, Zac and Mimmi

The books about Freddie, Zac and Mimmi – crime novels for young readers with big hearts

bakom-masken-w240px.jpg ”What Zac sees through the window makes him turn cold. Mimmi’s stolen bike is there. That stupid guy is bending over it with a wrench in his hand. But that’s not all … Zac suddenly feels sick, all the muscles in his body tense. He’s got to hurry home, he’s got to tell someone. But […]

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svart-balte-w224.jpg ”The sound of footsteps from upstairs makes Freddie freeze. The ice cold feeling spreads from his head and his neck to his whole body, paralysing him. – Freddie Hansson, he says to himself. It’s the middle of the night and you’re inside the house of a thief who’s twice your size and carries a black […]

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stormens-ogon-w224.jpg ”Freddie is tied to a chair a few steps inside the room. Mimmi is groping her way through the dark. Suddenly she has a goal and it’s as if the worst fear is washed away by the rain, hammering on the roof. The robbers in there are stumbling around, unable to find the flash light. […]

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